Born and raised in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Forrest Finn learned to play the piano and sing at a young age and always found his greatest inspiration in the work of others. In 2014 Forrest moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue songwriting at Belmont University. His style is best thought of as pop music with traces of blues and R&B intertwined.

Gaining significant traction on Youtube, Forrest has acquired 70,000 views in the last 8 months alone. His debut EP "Spotlight" was released on all music platforms April, 21st 2017. He continues to collaborate with some of Nashville's upcoming talent as well as creating professional demo tracks for other musicians and playing sessions for other independent artists. 

With ambitious idols like Ben Rector, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and John Legend, Forrest wants to use his songwriting abilities and platform of music to have an impact on others. “Whether it’s 10 people, or 10 million people, I want to change the world.".